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Proven Success in UK & Ireland Since 1996

Promoting the heath and productivity of your herd has never been so important. Our two naturally derived supplements give you the confidence to keep farming while your stock keeps growing.

Peace of mind from day 1 for around £5

Features & Benefits

  • Proven success since 1996 in the UK and Ireland for calves experiencing digestive upsets.
  • An Egg Powder Capsule specially formulated to maintain a high health and immune status.
  • Feed 2 capsules within first 8 hours of life - instantly absorbed - remains active for 4 to 6 weeks.
  • 50 CAPSULES ONLY £126 (no vat).
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Kick start ruminations and feed conversion

Features & Benefits

  • Effective direct fed microbial formulation in a convenient bolus form means it works immediately and nothing’s wasted.
  • Acts by placing billions of beneficial bacteria straight into the cow’s digestive system priming it for maximum efficiency.
  • Extra microbes boost appetite and dry matter intake stimulating milk production.
  • Ideal to bring an “off colour” cow back to full steam and excellent for kick starting lactation.
  • Aids recovery from twisted stomachs.
  • 40 BOLUSES ONLY £64 (no vat).

“Proven success since 1996 in the UK and Ireland”

“Safeguard works immediately and nothing’s wasted.”