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CozyCow Mattresses - The premier sleep solution for your herd

The Cow Shed as it was commonly called not that long ago plays probably the most important role in the chain of events that determine the performance of your precious herd.

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As you well know, the cow mattress is where many cows spend most of their life but is often the product which is almost an afterthought when deciding on a new housing system.

Cow Comfort plays a major role in animal productivity and should be high on the list of priorities.

We at MEM have a wealth of knowledge and experience in cubicle layout together with an excellent range of cow mattresses. Don’t leave it to the last minute – We welcome your call.

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IAE recommend Cozy Cow & SuperFoam mattress as they offer the best in animal comfort and highest cubicle occupancy rates when compared to sand. Although this option initially costs more, the lower running costs and increased yield through higher occupancy and longer lying times is financially benificial.