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Save Tonnes and Saver £1000’s

The New Sand Saver GT will reduce your sand usage by up to 50%. Make a rapid return on investment and again year after year. Massive savings of £30,000 over 5 years on a 200 cow unit!

Features & Benefits:
  • Easily installed with cable tie fixings
  • Cover with approx. 60mm of sand
  • Original and unique grid design featuring 2” x 2” apertures
  • Robust, comfortable and improves lying position
  • Supports hoof, keeping bed level and minimises sand waste
  • Promotes accessibility and aids cubicle alignment
  • Significantly reduces sand consumption and labour costs
  • 1.2 x 1.5m x 37mm / 4 x 5ft x 1.5” 85lbs
  • Made in Canada from recycled tyre rubber
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The Product
Research and Development

“Reducing our Sand Usage by just over 30% have paid for the grid tiles within two years. By using Sand Saver we are saving over £40 per cow per year… at this rate we will save over £42,000 on sand cost alone in just 5 years!”

A.A Winstanley, Cheshire

“We installed 200 Sand Savers back in 2012 and plan to complement our new shed with a further 200. It’s clear how much sand you can save and how much cleaner the cows lie”

David Biggin, Wiltshire